Health problems and lifestyle can cause unpleasant and unexpected changes for a person. In fact, one of the problems that an adult male faces is a loss of form and loss of physical activity. Androgel is testosterone in a gel form, it is useful to men who are experiencing problems related to low testosterone level.

Thanks to the gel form, Androgel enters the body through the skin. It is an innovative and fast way compared to other testosterone supplements. Androgel can be called daily testosterone replacement therapy, which can return the normal level of the male hormone.

Transdermal testosterone gels were first bred in the US in 2000. Since then, they have become a favorable way to replace and replenish testosterone. Testosterone gels are just as effective as tablets and injectable forms in terms of impact on natural male function and mood. Currently Androgel and Testim are two available testosterones on the market. They have specific properties which can be considered before appointment and use.

The characteristics of Androgel and Testim

The need for transdermal testosterone gel arose to overcome the shortcomings of other forms of hormone for individuals. For example, injecting esters were associated with a high frequency of reactions at the injection site, and oral agents were not assimilated by many people without sides effects.

Two commercially available forms of testosterone are Androgel and Testim gels. Inactive ingredients in AndroGel are: carbomer, ethanol (67,0%), methyl ethyl ketone, purified water and sodium hydroxide. The inactive ingredients in Testim are purified water, pentadecalactone, carbopol, acrylates, propylene glycol, glycerin, polyethylene glycol, ethanol (74%) and tromethamine.

The recommended initial dose of testosterone gel is 5 g / day and it provides a standard input of 5 mg / day (1%) of testosterone systematically. Serum testosterone levels should be monitored consistently to ensure proper dosing. If the serum testosterone concentration is below the normal range or if the desired clinical response is not achieved, the dose may be increased from 5 g to 7.5-10 g.

Testosterone gel is recommended to be applied early in the morning on undamaged dry skin. After applying the androgel, it is recommended to wash your hands thoroughly. Areas of application should be washed with soap and water, if you are going to come into contact with another person.

Research with testosterone gel

In 2000, Androgel became available for the treatment of male hypogonadism in the United States. Scientists have demonstrated that the use of 10 mg / day Androgel (used either completely on the same site or in four different places) has led to a significant increase in serum testosterone levels with a parallel and corresponding increase in serum dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and estradiol. After the first application of androgel to hypogonadal men, serum testosterone levels increased to a normal range for 30 minutes, and then gradually increased over the next 24 hours.

By the end of the 1st day, achieved levels were comparable with the subsequent steady-state doses on the 3rd, 5th and 7th days of application.

Pharmacokinetics for 30, 90 and 180 days remained very similar, and stable serum testosterone levels were maintained. With a longer follow-up period of up to 32 months, the total serum testosterone and free testosterone concentrations increased according to the dose in the first 12 months.

Androgens play a role in several aspects of male sexual behavior, such as libido, erectile function and orgasms. In a one-month study, specifically designed to study the response time to sexual activity after testosterone replacement, 638 men with hypogonadism received 5 or 10 g / g of Testim gel.

After one week of Testim therapy, patients showed noticeable improvements in sexual function, which continued to grow for the second week and were maintained for the 4th week. Long-term studies using androgel replacement in men with hypogonadism (5 or 10 g / day) showed that sexual function (desire, motivation and sexual activity) increased in all treatment groups after 30 days and was maintained with subsequent use for three years.

Testosterone gel: for and against

Testosterone gels mimic the natural release of testosterone in the body. Some men who use androgel in bodybuilding complain that testosterone gels do not completely raise testosterone levels to a normal level.


  • Gels provide more stable concentrations of testosterone in the blood than other forms of administration.
  • Testosterone levels reach a steady state in the first 24 hours of application and remain in the normal range throughout the time of application.
  • Dosages can be easily modified.
  • Easy application on the abdomen, shoulders, pectoral muscles or inner thighs.


  • Must be applied every day.
  • May potentially cause adverse skin reactions.
  • The testosterone gel can potentially be lubricated on anyone who comes in contact with you, although the transfer is usually negligible after the gel dries.
  • Testosterone gels do not completely raise testosterone levels to the normal desired levels.
  • Accumulation of water in the body.
  • The growth of unwanted hair.
  • Irritation and wanton aggression.
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