Strong hormone Ansomone is primarily a way to restore the functioning of the human growth hormone. There are times when there are shortcomings in its production in the body. This happens in both children and adults due to renal failure or genetic predisposition. Scientifically, Ansomone is a kind of sterile lyophilized composition of recombinant human growth hormone (HGH), which includes one hundred ninety-one amino acids.

Growth hormone Ansomone has an absolute similarity with the natural hormone. It stimulates muscle growth, reduces body fat and lowers blood cholesterol.

In general, the application makes the feeling much better and gives you a healthy and developed body. Ansomone use for the treatment of surgical wounds or burns, and also has a good effect to preserve the youthfulness of the skin. But, as in all synthetic drugs, it has its drawbacks with side effects.

The use and dosage of Ansomone

To prepare for the injection, you need to enter 1 milliliter of special purified water along the wall of the bottle, then twist it with a smooth rotary motion until the contents completely dissolve.

The main thing is not to blab the content. The recommended dose of Ansomone for the treatment of pediatric growth failure by subcutaneous injection is 0.1 – 0.15 IU/kg every day, from 90 days to 3 years. If doctors require changes in the therapeutic regimen, you should listen to it, do not engage in self-treatment.

In the treatment of burn wounds, the recommended dosage of Ansomone is 0.2 – 0.14 IU / kg daily taking under the skin for about 14 days.

The drug can be taken both intramuscularly and subcutaneously. Excretion occurs through the kidneys and liver up to 3 hours.

Positive sides

Growth hormone such as ansomone is allowed to be used in solving various health problems as well as physical form. Successfully used by modern bodybuilders, as well as those who want to get rid of excess fat and increase muscle growth. The drug has an effect on the strengthening of cartilage and connective tissues, tendons, which athletes subject to frequent injuries and heavy loads.

Muscle strength in people with weak bones is also reduced, and body fat and cholesterol may be at a critical level, which in most cases leads to depression and unhealthy condition. The use of this drug may stabilize the general condition thanks to the activation of growth hormone. Also ansomone can affect on:

  • getting rid of insomnia;
  • the mood elevation;
  • the tide of vitality;
  • the increase resistance to diseases;
  • development of memory;
  • increase bone density;
  • reduction of hypertension;
  • early healing and rehabilitation after injuries.

A pleasant fact is also that the cost of the ansomon cycle is quite low, unlike analogues.

Ansomone and side effects

For most people Ansomone does not cause any side effects, but it is best to consult your doctor before you start taking it and see if there are any substances that may cause an allergic reaction.

If you suffer from diabetes, take insulin or any other medications to reduce blood sugar levels, you should control the level of glucose in the blood, because the hormone, which influences the growth can change the needs of insulin in your body.

During clinical trials negative reactions were not more than 1% of children with stunted growth. In general, the side effects exhibited mild pain, tremors, swollen increase of the place of injection of the drug.

But you should not worry, that it will be constantly, as these sides are worried only at the beginning of the cycle. If a drug is taking for a long time with a non-transferable dosage, antibodies may appear. However, this is not often the case and the concentration of antibodies is not too large.

The drug is also not recommended for use by people whose epiphyses are closed, or there is a malignant tumor with active neoplasia. Ansomone should not be used by those, who are suffering from severe infection or shock. Therefore, buying ansomone in a pharmacy or ordering from intermediaries, be careful and always read the instructions.

Storage features and authenticity of ansomone

Keep the product at 2-8 °C, do not freeze. For a month, Ansomone growth hormone can remain in the desired consistency and at room temperature, but it is still recommended to store it in the refrigerator, out of reach of direct sunlight. After dilution, it should be cooled. If you use sterile water for dilution, use it for the next 72 hours. If you take bacteriostatic water, then you can use this substance for 10 days or more.

Be able to distinguish a licensed product from plagiarism, because it affects both the efficiency and your health! For you presented a clear picture with the original and fake drug. On the first, second and third figures is a licensed ansomone. The others are fake.

Do not forget to verify online the code from the drug box. With drug should be a diamond cutter in the package, and the date on the box should not be printed and supplied by the bates numbering. If the cover shows that it printed “by hand”, you probably got a fake.

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