Naposim: how to take, the effect of the drug and reviews

Naposim is another drug produced by Vermodje. The main active ingredient is methandienone. Naposim has an impact on the body of the athlete for 5 hours. The doping control is able to detect it after 5 weeks since the last application. The components of the drug have a pronounced toxic effect on the liver. The main form of the drug – tableted. Naposim manufactured by Vermodje is characterized by 50% androgenic and 200% anabolic activity.

Many beginners and experienced athletes prefer this drug, as it is absorbed quickly enough and allows you to gain up to 10 kg of weight, albeit not only muscle.

 The effect of taking Naposim

The drug allows you to increase strength, muscle mass, strengthen the bone system, increase appetite, accelerate protein digestion and stop catabolic processes.

Recommendations for taking Naposim Vermodje

For men, to achieve the goals it is enough to take the drug in the range of 10 to 50 mg per day. On average, the program can last up to 8 weeks. Some athletes in order to enhance the effect, divide the daily dose into several receptions. The fact that the drug has an effect on the body for 3-5 hours.

Due to the high androgen activity and aromatization, the drug is contraindicated for women, as it can cause serious, sometimes irreversible side effects. Of course, professional athletes and bodybuilders still ignore the warning and choose the drug for the program, but in this case, their daily dosage up to 10 mg.

In other cases, women who had previously taken this drug almost always suffer from development of virilization. It should be noted that there is a certain category of athletes who do not have sensitivity to taking drugs with high androgenic activity, so they are not afraid of taking Naposim.

For beginners is recommended to taking the drug in a dosage not exceeding 20 mg per day. Experienced athletes can increase the dose to 50 mg. It is allowed to take Naposim in combination with other steroids such as Winstrol, Nandrolone, etc.

If the athlete takes the drug, avoiding the recommendations of the specialist, he may note such side effects as decreased libido, water retention, acne and increased fatness of the skin.

Feedback about Naposim

The drug takes a certain position in the world market for a long time, and gained recognition among many athletes. The most part of athletes who had experience with taking Naposim is happy with the received result. Although some note a significant rollback after the program. The main problem of athletes wanting to gain lean muscle mass, there was a huge appetite, and this means that in order to follow a particular diet, it was necessary to endeavour, because you are constantly hungry.

However, most of the reviews about Naposim from Vermodje still positive. Adhering to experts’ recommendations about dosage and performing workout, the athlete may notice an increase in weight up to 3 kg.

Also gradually increase and strength, forcing the athlete to increase the duration and intensity of workouts to choose the right set of exercises and weight training. This is the only way to achieve maximum results associated with taking the drug.

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