Omnadren 250

Omnadren 250 (slang name: “omnas”) – anabolic steroid is a composite steroid drug, a kind of analogue of Sustanon.

Omnadren 250 is the creation of the Polish pharmacological company “Jelfa”, available in 1 ml ampoules (one ampoule contains 250 mg of testosterone esters). There are 5 ampoules in a pack. Excipients – benzyl alcohol and peanut butter for injection.

Omnadren overgrown with a lot of rumors and myths. There are a huge amount of contradictory information around him, so in this article we will try to understand what’s what.

Omnadren composition

Omnadren 250 is a composite steroid drug and consists of four testosterone esters:

  • testosterone propionate – 30 mg;
  • testosterone phenylpropionate – 60 mg;
  • testosterone isocaproate (a.k.a. isohexanoate) – 60 mg;
  • testosterone decanoate – 100 mg or testosterone caproate – 100 mg.

Producers of omnas changed its composition a lot of times.

Omnadren 250 in bodybuilding cycle

Omnadren is used mainly in bodybuilding and powerlifting. It has a pronounced anabolic effect, promotes rapid weight gain, significantly increases the strength and endurance of the athlete. Also, omnas promotes fast recovery after training, increases appetite. Has a positive effect on blood quality (increases the number of red blood cells).

As you already know, omnas consists of 4 esters of testosterone, which are released into the blood at different speeds, so that the body maintains a high level of anabolic hormones for a quite long period (propionate activates at first, then phenylpropionate, etc.). And after the first injection within a few hours, the drug significantly increases your testosterone level, so that you will feel the energy and cheerfulness.

Omnadren has the ability to retain water in the body, just like any testosterone. This property has both pros and cons:

  • cons: increased risk of hypertension, renal failure. Just do not forget that after the end of the cycle, the water will come out of the body, and you will partially lose weight and mass;
  • pros: water retention has a positive effect on joints and bone formation. During the cycle you will significantly increase strength and endurance, while joint load sharply and significantly increases. Water, which lingers in the body, greatly facilitates tension in the joints.

During the cycle, you must observe basic rules of weight gaining: high calorie & high protein diet, more sleep (muscle growth occurs during sleep), and properly training. It is also desirable to add to your diet such sports supplements as: protein, gamer, creatine, amino acids, BCAA, glutamine, vitamin and mineral complexes, etc.

Omnadren cycle usually lasts for 6-8 weeks. At the end of the cycle it is necessary to carry out a PCT with clomid or tamoxifen. If the duration of the cycle exceeds 6-8 weeks, it is necessary to take gonadotropin. Omnadren is combined with most anabolic steroids. There are many cycles with omnas, and they are almost the same like with Sustanon.

Omnadren side effects

Omnadren 250 is not recommended for people who have problems with the kidneys and liver, cardiovascular system and blood. Omnas very amenable to aromatization. In this regard, during the cycle, the athletes may have androgenic effects. In general, Omnadren has standard side effects.

On the Internet, you can find information that Omnadren strongly spoils the skin, has painful injections, after which bumps are formed, etc. This information is questionable, as often side effects are manifested due to individual intolerance of athletes, violation of doses and cycle duration, neglect of hygiene during injections, as well as their improper implementation (you should to inject omnas in the butt, intramuscularly and deeply).

The rumors about the “terrible side effects of Omnadren” can be spread by the manufacturers and “hucksters” of Sustanon. It happens, because Omnadren is their direct competitor and omnas price is lower than price of sust in almost 2 times.

If you adhere to reasonable dosages and duration of the cycle, monitor the condition of your body and correctly carry out the PCT, the harm to health will be minimized.

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