Among a variety of anabolic steroids Primobolan undoubtedly stands out for its effective properties. However, a high level of safety for health is valued even more. It can be considered as one of the safest anabolic drugs in the world. This proves both research and feedback from athletes.

For individual use, there is injectable Primobolan Depot (Methenolone Enanthate) and oral Primobolan in tablets. Both drugs have the same basic active ingredient called Methenolone. The only structural difference between the two forms of primobolan is the esters attached to them. Therefore, they differ only in terms of bioavailability and administration. The concentration in both drugs is different, and therefore they are used differently.

If we estimate both forms of a preparation, the majority will prefer Primobolan Depot because it also costs less, and the active substance arrives in blood more evenly. Also note that the tablet Primobolan is destroyed by liver enzymes.

The drug appeared on the market in the early 60’s and was released by Squibb. However, within a short period of time its production was taken by Schering and people started using it for bodybuilding purposes. It can additionally be used for certain medical purposes. For example, doctors use it to treat weight loss in premature babies.

The results of treatment are excellent, because the drug does not harm children. Speaking of benefits for athletes, the product demonstrates a high level of performance and some other properties. No wonder Primobolan is well known as one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s favorites.

The effectiveness of Primobolan (Methenolone)

One of the most common myths associated with this steroid is its huge potential for muscle growth. Therefore, it will not help to get too much muscle mass. For example, Anadrol shows a better result for muscle growth. Accordingly, Primobolan solo is rarely used in bodybuilding.

However, it can increase muscle mass for women. This is possible due to the greater sensitivity of the female system to the component of Methenolone. The most valuable and beneficial effect of this product can be obtained during the cutting period.

This is the period when athletes try to burn more calories than consume. It is quite clear that when fat melts, the human body also loses some percentage of muscle mass. To minimize this disadvantage, athletes use special steroids. One of them is Primobolan.

It also maintains strength. Despite this, do not expect a significant increase in strength. Thanks to primobolan you will need less time to rest. If you have any injuries, they will heal faster. Muscle endurance will also increase.

Primobolan is also used as a treatment for muscle diseases, but only in some cases.

Primobolan cycle and combination

Dosing regimen may vary due to individual characteristics. Consult an expert to determine the appropriate dosage, or read the instructions carefully.

So, we have already figured out that the cycle of Primobolan is better to use when cutting. The usual dose for injectable Primobolan is 400-600 mg once a week. Some experienced bodybuilders experiment with higher dosages, but in this case, special attention should be paid to ancillary drugs and post cycle therapy.

As for oral Primobolan, a daily dose of 50-100 mg should be sufficient to produce noticeable results. The duration of the normal cycle is 8 weeks for oral and 12 weeks for injection.

Most bodybuilders find the use of Primobolan ideal when combined with other anabolic steroids. The standard combination can include Nandrolone, Testosterone, Anadrol, Methandrostenolone, Winstrol, etc. Regardless of the dose, 8-week cycle is a standard. Also, the recommended combinations do not make it possible to use several drugs at once, regardless of the form of release. That is, use no more than two per cycle and pay special attention to post cycle therapy.

For women, the standard dosage range of Primobolan will be 25-50 mg per day. Most women will be able to tolerate such a dose. However, you can take a smaller dose, but combine Primobolan with a steroid like Anavar. The total usage should not exceed 6 weeks. Also, to protect themselves from virilization, women should use Primobolan at intervals of 4-6 weeks.

For example, if the cycle of use took place within 4 weeks, you should take a 2-week break after the cycle, so that the body can recover. If virilization still begins to appear, despite the fact that all precautions have been taken, it is recommended that women stop taking the drug immediately, regardless of what stage of its adoption.

Possible complications

Primobolan is not an aromatizing steroid, so most side effects like other steroids are virtually absent. Water retention and bloating is rare. Since Primobolan is non-toxic, it will not cause any harm to the liver. Because of its mild nature, it has become a fairly popular and safe steroid at the moment, but as with all steroids, there are several side effects.

Primobolan cycle can cause some side effects, such as:

  • precipitation on the body
  • slight hair loss
  • the appearance of unwanted hair on the body
  • female virilization (manifested in the tumor of the clitoris, hair growth, voice change),
  • a small increase in pressure
  • cholesterol may increase a bit
  • reducing its own production of testosterone
  • some women may complain of menstrual irregularities

Note that these effects are not serious and lasting. In most cases, they do not even have a place. You should only take Primobolan correctly, and in combination with other drugs be extremely careful, because other drugs have side effects that can create troubles.

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