Stanozolol (Winstrol) 

Winstrol (stanozolol) is an anabolic steroid that is available in both injectable and tablet form (Winstrol is a trademark, stanozolol is an active ingredient). Slang name: “winny”. Many athletes, using the word “stanozolol” – mean oral form of the drug, and under the word “Winstrol” – injection. Injection form of Winstrol is presented in the form of aqueous suspension of stanozolol, so they have a similar effect on the body.

Stanozolol was developed in the early 60s. It was used for medical purposes. Later it used on horses that participated in cross-country races: winny increased their endurance and speed. Over time, it was noticed and began to actively use by power sports athletes, and to this day stanozolol is a popular steroid, especially during cutting. Because of popularity, there are quite a lot of counterfeits of the tablet form of the drug in the market.

Stanozolol cycles

Winny allows you to gain lean muscle, so as it does not keep water in the body. Furthermore, it helps to eliminate fluid from the body. This drug increases the endurance of the body, increases strength, appetite, promotes rapid recovery of muscle tissue and fat burning.

Taking Winstrol helps the athlete to train the body: muscles look more embossed and solid, veins become more pronounced. Due to the fact that stanozolol does not significantly affect muscle growth, it is usually taken by athletes who do not seek the gain a large amount of mass. Usually these are those who need to stay in a certain weight class. So winny is actively used by athletes during “cutting”.

Stanozolol when injected into the body is not destroyed in the liver, but it is toxic for her. It has a short validity period (about 8 hours). When ingested stanozolol is rapidly absorbed into the blood. Just a couple of hours after eating, you can feel revived and full of energy. Since stanozolol is a “fast but short-acting” steroid, it should be taken 3 times a day (in order to keep testosterone levels in the background).

Stanozolol also lowers the level of globulin of 50%. It is often combined with other anabolic steroids (AS) to strengthen their action, to improve the result from the cycle (for example: turinabol, propionate, etc.).

Winstrol is very popular among women athletes. It has low androgenic activity, so it is a relatively safe steroid. Some athletes, when taking the cycle of stanozolol solo, in parallel, take creatine, which, though slightly, but retains water in the body, thus helping to lubricate joints.

Winstrol injections are quite painful. Quite often Winstrol is put in a certain group of muscles (biceps, triceps, deltas, etc.). According to many athletes, it allows visually increase the muscle, to give it a more pronounced shape. It is worth mentioning that the injection site of Winstrol is desirable to constantly change. Also remember: never mix in the same syringe Winstrol and buttered AS! If there was a need to combine them, then make injections into different muscle groups, for example: buttered AS in the buttock, and Winstrol in the delta, etc.

How to take Stanozolol

The Winstrol solo course is relatively safe. The dosage is 30-50 mg per day is optimal. Winstrol is used during bulking (most often in combination cycles), and cutting. On average, with 6-8 week course at a dosage of 30 mg/day beginner can gain 1-3 kg of quality muscle, while cutting and burn fat.

During bulking stage (e.g. with testosterone), Stanozolol reduces the amount of water that is retained in the body. As a result, you get a more or less qualitative mass. In turn, testosterone, which still pours you a little, lubricates the joints and ligaments with water, not allowing the Stanozolol to dry them.

Stanozolol perfectly combines with testosterone propionate. This cycle is hard to call the bulking, however, it is not cutting. This combination, together with the right diet and training cycle will allow you to pick up to 3-5 kilograms of good quality muscles, and at the same time lose excess fat tissue. Stanozolol combines with the drugs, which have progestogenic activity (e.g. nandrolone), as it protects against progestogenic actions.

During the cutting, Stanozolol is often combined with turinabol, as well as other anabolic steroids that are not aromatizers. Such combination allows to get rid of excess kilograms with the minimum harm, and also to gather a little muscular weight. It will visually increase the size of a muscle, will add them rigidity and a shape.

Stanozolol PCT

At the end of the cycle, post cycle therapy (PCT) is carried out. Stanozolol does not aromatize, and therefore during the PCT is usually using tribulus, zinc, omega-3 and medications (to prevent liver complications). Antiestrogens after the solo stanozolol cycle is usually not used.

Stanozolol side effects

Since this drug is not amenable to the process of aromatization, it does not cause “classic” androgen effects like gynecomastia and edema. However, do not forget that stanozolol “dries” the body. Athletes who take it are faced with such side effects as: joint pain and ligament damage, which subsequently leads to cause various inflammation and abscesses. That is why I advise you to combine stanozolol with testosterone or nandrolone. It is also advisable to use special additives that strengthen the joints/ligaments. Athletes who practice Winstrol note that the injection of this drug is very painful.

In addition, this drug has a “standard” set of side effects: acne, liver toxicity, suppression of secretion of testosterone (minor), hair loss on the head, increased blood pressure, increased cholesterol, and others.

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