Testosterone cypionate

Testosterone cypionate – is an anabolic steroid, a “long” form of testosterone (a half-life is 15-16 days). Athletes take it to gain muscle mass, it helps to achieve good results, both in solo programs and in combination with other drugs.

Testosterone cypionate program

Among athletes, this drug is appreciated for the ability to significantly increase weight gain, provides a positive nitrogen balance in the body. However, the quality of the recruited mass is bad, because the body deposits a large amount of water (30-35% of the total mass). Because of that, it is possible to observe a distinct phenomenon of rolling back.

During the program significantly increase performance. It is worth noting that this drug stimulates the production of red blood cells, which has a positive effect on muscle oxygen saturation and increased endurance.

Dosage cypionate

Athletes love cypionate for infrequent injections, their optimal frequency – once a week. This is enough, in order to support a necessary level of anabolic hormone with a smooth background. Injections can be performed even less frequently (every 10 days), but the concentration of testosterone in the blood will not be constant. The peak of its concentration in the blood happens in the first 24-48 hours, after which it gradually decreases.

Dosage for beginners is not more than 250 mg per week, for more experienced athletes it can reach up to 500 mg. Many athletes claim that dosage 750 mg/week and above do not add a significant anabolic effect, whereas risk and frequency of side effects increases significantly.

In this regard, it can be concluded that the optimal dosage is 250-500 mg per week, the threshold of which is not advisable to go over. Usually the duration of the program is 6-10 months, after which the PPT must be carried out.

This drug can be combined with almost all AS. Often cypionate is combined with nandrolone and boldenone.

Enanthate or cypionate. Which is better?

In its action testosterone cypionate is similar to enanthate. This is due to the following


  • both drugs are oil-based, which allows to have a prolonged effect;
  • they have the same active ingredient – testosterone;

The above drugs are interchangeable, the effects of their use are comparable. Therefore, if you have a choice: cypionate or enanthate, it is worth to choose the drug, which is more affordable and those one you are more confident in.

Cypionate side effects and PCT

Like the rest of testosterone esters, cypionate is highly aromatized, which can cause “standard” side effects.

In order to minimize them during the program, it is necessary to use aromatase inhibitors, as well to properly conduct post cycle therapy with estrogen receptor blockers.

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