Trenbolone is an anabolic steroid, is a leader in anabolic power. Its effect greatly exceeds the working abilities of testosterone and nandrolone. This drug has “veterinary origin” and have been used to improve appetite and muscle mass of cattle.


  • trenbolone cyclohexylmethylcarbonate (also known as trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate) is mostly known under “Parabolan” trademark. The duration of this drug – 10-12 days, injections are usually performed every 7-10 days, dosage – 300 mg/week. Please note that the number of counterfeits of this drug on the market is very large;
  • trenbolone enanthate. This is a “long type” of the drug, the period of which is about 10 days. Therefore, in order to maintain the most even and stable concentration in the blood, it is recommended to perform intramuscular injections at least 1-2 times a week, with a dosage of 300 mg / week;
  • trenbolone acetate. In contrast to the above forms, this type of AS has a fairly short half-life, and therefore the injection should be performed almost daily (50 mg every day or 100 mg every other day).

Trenbolone reviews

It is necessary to understand the pattern: the more effective the drug, the higher the frequency of undesirable side effects. Trenbolone is a very powerful AS. It is able to significantly increase the muscle mass (up to 10 kg per program during 8 weeks), strength and endurance of the body, but has a sufficiently high frequency of various side effects.

It is worth noting that this drug contributes to the production of growth hormone, lowering the level of cortisol in the body and burning unwanted fat. One of the advantages of trenbolone is that it does not have a toxic effect on the kidneys.

Remember, however, that during its use, the urine may acquire a red tint (don’t worry, as it turns output from the metabolites, not the blood) that was erroneously perceived by some athletes as kidney damage.

This drug is not amenable to aromatization, so it is not converted into estrogens. This means that during the program, androgenic side-effects caused by excess estrogen (gynecomastia, fluid retention) will not appear. However, trenbolone has progestin activity and can contact progesterone receptors (this is similar with nandrolone). Such a connection can lead to “prolactin gynecomastia” and “deca dick”.

Trenbolone program on mass

Professional athletes note that the duration of trenbolone program is usually an average of about 8 weeks. However, it is necessary to take into account the fact that trenbolone greatly reduces the production of its own “test”, so during the program it is strongly recommended to additionally connect gonadotropin (from the 2nd week and ending 2 weeks after the end of the introduction of trenbolone, 500-1000 IU, 1 time per week).

Attention! If the duration of the program as more than 6 weeks, it is required to include gonadotropin! The recommended dosages of trenbolone enanthate and “other long – lasting analogues” are 300 mg/week, trenbolone acetate – 50 mg/day.

After two weeks after the last injection of this drug, post cycle therapy is carried out. PCT is conducted with the use of clomid (tamoxifen should not be consumed, as it can increase progestin activity) and testosterone boosters.

Just during the program, do not forget to eat properly and observe the training regime. If possible, it is desirable to include in your diet sports supplements (protein, amino acids, BCAA, etc.). Without complying with the regime and diet, it is impossible to achieve maximum results.

It is also desirable to eat fruits and vegetables: they contain a large amount of essential vitamins and minerals that are necessary for muscle building. After all, it should be understood that for muscle growth is not enough just single protein, the body needs a complex of various elements.

Because of this drug has a powerful anabolic effect, it should not to be combined with other AS to put on weight. Although, some athletes still hold the mixed programs with testosterone (e.g. propionate and enanthate), as well as with turinabol. Sometimes trenbolone is combined with Winstrol, which contributes to the partial removal of excess water from the body. In addition, it has antiprogestin activity.

Trenbolone side effects

Don’t forget that due to the fact that trenbolone has a pronounced progesterone activity, it can greatly reduce the production of testosterone. This, in turn, can cause such side effects as:

  • testicular atrophy;
  • pronounced reduction in libido (sexual activity);
  • sluggish erection and others.

Also there are negative effects such as baldness, high blood pressure, acne etc. Before conducting the program, it is necessary to consult a competent physician (and continue to visit him throughout the program and during the PCT until the moment, when body is completely recovered from the effects of the use of steroids).

It is also necessary to pass all the necessary tests (before, during and after the program), in order to see the whole picture of hormonal changes, and in case of unforeseen circumstances to carry out the correct rehabilitation.

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