Turinabol (slang name: “OT” stands for “oral turinabol”) is a tablet anabolic steroid, which in its effect is very similar to methandrostenolone (slang name: “methane”). Similarly, turinabol is similar to methane in its structure, but the difference is that the turinabol has an additional chlorine atom.

He is deservedly a favorite one for “beginners”, as he has minimal side effects and slightly suppresses the production of the body’s testosterone (by approximately 25-30%, while methane by 50-70%).

Due to the fact that the turinabol is quite expensive (compared to the methane) and is in good demand, the black market is full of its counterfeits, which is why sometimes athletes get the wrong results compare to what they expected. Quite often, “unscrupulous underground producers” replace turinabol with a placebo, or at best methane.  

Turinabol cycles

This drug allows you to slowly, but surely gain muscle mass, increases strength, endurance and body shape. The gained muscle mass is qualitative, and the probability of regress is minimal.

Important is that the turinabol does not fill you with water. In contrast to methane, it allows you to build up the dry muscles, which after the end of the cycle, most likely, stay with you.

Quite often, in small doses (20 mg per day), athletes use turinabol, for which is important to stay in a certain weight category (for example: swimmers, boxers). With this dosage, the mass remains the same, but strength and endurance are increasing.

No less popular is this drug among athletes. Turinabol was first tested in athletics, where he showed himself well, whereupon it was noticed by fans of methane.

How to take Turinabol

It is believed that a dosage of 20-50 mg per day divided into 3 doses is safe and practically does not cause side effects. Many professional bodybuilders consume 100-150 mg per day (ordinary amateurs do not even need to think about using this amount).

Most often turinabol (like most drugs) is taken after a meal, but it is believed that the maximum effect is achieved if it is eaten between meals.

This drug is a “short” steroid, and in order to maintain the smooth level of testosterone in the body, it must be taken during the day 3-4 times (every 6-8 hours).

There are a lot of combined cycles with turinabol, it is perfectly combined with other steroids, such as boldenone, testosterone propionate, testosterone enanthate, sustanone, nandrolone and others. At the end of the cycle, it is necessary to conduct a PCT.

More precise dosage of drugs must be selected individually based on the characteristics of your body and the final goal. During the cutting, a turinabol is often combined with stanozolol. This combination will strengthen the effect of the cycle, as well as add to muscle stiffness and shape.

The Turinabol solo cycle is one of the easiest and safest. As you already know, 40-50 mg per day is the optimal and safe dosage for beginners in bodybuilding. It will allow you to gain muscle mass (2-5 kg), increase stamina, strength and shape. Turinabol is used both for bulking and cutting.

PCT after turinabol

One of the features of turinabol, as well as the key difference from methane is that it does not aromatize. Many athletes argue that if the dosage of turinabol in a solo cycle was low (20-50 mg per day) and the course length did not exceed 8 weeks, then there is no need to include anti-estrogens in post cycle therapy (PCT), but rather drink tribulus, zinc, omega -3 and hepatoprotectors.

But, if your dosage exceeds 50 mg per day, or the cycle length is more than 8 weeks, then PCT should include anti-estrogens (eg: Tamoxifen or Clomid).

However, do not forget that each organism reacts differently to the use of anabolic steroids; therefore, in order to determine precisely whether it is necessary to include antiestrogens in the PCT after turinabol, it is necessary to pass the appropriate tests (for instance, Testosterone General; Estradiol; Prolactin; Progesterone and others). Only by their results can you determine the correct choice of drugs and their dosages for PCT.

Remember that the use of anabolic steroids should be combined with high-grade high-protein nutrition and good sleep. Also in the diet it is desirable to add sports nutrition: protein, gainer, creatine, amino acids, BCAA, vitamin-mineral complexes.

Turinabol side effects

You already know that turinabol does not aromatize, so side effects (associated with estrogens) are almost not found. An exception may be rare cases, and only because of the excess of doses and the duration of the cycle.

Turinabol is toxic for liver, so for this reason hepatoprotectors should be consumed after the end of the cycle.

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