Turinadrol: the complete guide

Turinadrol 10 is an anabolic drug with mild androgenic activity from a known Indian pharmaceutical company Lyka Labs. The main active ingredient – chlorodehydromethyltestosterone. In the circles of some athletes, it is considered to be “the best product”. At the moment, Turinadrol provides both low cost and good quality good. Produced, as a rule, in Lyka Labs containers, in quantity of 100 tablets. Turinadrol 10 primarily contributes to the development of strength of the athlete and helps to bulk a lean muscle mass (excluding large accumulation of fluid).

However, you need to be careful, as this brand is regularly forged, and instead of the desired Turinadrol tablets is methandienone, or worse – toxic methyltestosterone. In this regard, the products must be purchased from a trusted supplier who does not have such situations in its history.

Turinadrol is predominantly anabolic drug with mild androgenic component, so that is suitable to athletes suffering from baldness or prostatic hypertrophy. Also due to the low androgen index, estrogenic side effects in Turinadrol are rarer than in methandienone or testosterone.

Goes well with most injectable steroids including testosterone, nandrolone, Turinadrol and boldenone. Sometimes used in combination with fat burners such as clenbuterol.

The history of the drug

The topic is quite fascinating and informative. For the first time the drug was created in German Democratic Republic (GDR) in the 60s. The company which was engaged in development of this preparation, namely Jenapharm, is situated in the famous city Jena, which till 90th years of the last century, was the industrial center of Germany. Today, this city can be called the scientific and educational center.

By the way, Turinadrol is one of the few drugs that was created directly to improve and bring to a new level the physical capabilities of German athletes at the Olympics. Turinadrol 10 from Lyka Labs, the same drug only improved and under a different trading name.

Effects of Turinadrol 10

Turinadrol is a unique drug, because it has a pronounced anabolic effect, but less likely to cause side effects of strong anabolic steroids. Apply Turinadrol should those who are interested in the following:

Bulk a “clean” muscle mass. Due to the almost complete absence of conversion to estrogens, bulking occurs without the formation of excess water and fat. Particularly, this effect is manifested in the observance of proper diet and regular cardio.

Growth strength gains with minimal weight gain effect, can attract many weightlifters and powerlifters pursuing the goal to increase results without any risk to get out of the weight category. Of course, this does not mean that turinadrol – a weak drug, because achievement of this effect requires the maintenance of a light calorie deficit and low doses of the drug.

Easy fat burning and promoting preservation of muscle mass when cutting. Turinadrol, due to the significant increase in testosterone, and coming from superior protein synthesis, allows you to pause muscle catabolism even at a severe caloric deficit. When finding a certain “golden mean” in diet and exercise, you can even achieve simultaneous fat burning and a relatively pronounced bulking muscle mass.

The increased synthesis of erythropoietin and, consequently, toughness, allowing Turinadrol can be a great drug for athletes and mixed martial arts fighters.

Side effects Turinadrol

Despite the fact that Turinadrol showed itself as a drug that rarely causes any serious side effects due to the low estrogenic activity of the substance, though, the side effects have a place to be. Often, the negative effects of the drug occur as a result of a negligent approach to the program, excess dosage or individual intolerance of the substances contained in the drug. In general, warned – means armed. Let’s look at the list of possible side effects:

  • Acne is blackheads that can cover a large area of the athlete’s body.
  • Baldness occurs when a person has a predisposition to it (but not necessarily).
  • Problems with the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) during the program.
  • Hepatotoxicity is the load on the liver.
  • Harmful effects on the prostate of a man.

Of course, to protect yourself 100% from side effects fail, however, you can minimize the chances of the manifestation of the above effects. You must strictly adhere to the instructions and do not exceed the allowable consumption norm of substances.

Turinadrol program (combinations and dosages)

Turinadrol typically used at doses not exceeding 40 mg, with a small, 6-8 week duration of program. When you are exceeding the dose and duration of the program, positive effects is not observed, but only increases the frequency of side effects and there is a decrease in the effectiveness of the drug.

Turinadrol often combined with injections of short esters of testosterone such as propionate or phenylpropionate. In combined programs, it is not recommended to increase the dose above 20 milligrams, because in combination with another drug it can only serve as a kind of amplification of side effects. Do not forget that the combined programs are not so much increased efficiency as the use of two or more drugs in reduced doses, helping to avoid side effects.

Side effects of Turinadrol are the same as most other anabolic steroids, and a list is standard: fluid retention, high blood pressure, acne, and inhibition of production of endogenous testosterone. For the most part of them, they can be dealt with by aromatase inhibitors, reducing the dosage of the drug and adjusting the diet.

Post cycle therapy (PCT) after Turinadrol 10

The scheme of post cycle therapy is quite standard. Clomiphene citrate or tamoxifen can be used. If we consider the PCT with clomid using, the scheme will be approximately as follows: 30 milligrams per day for the first 15 days, and then reduce the dosage by half and use the remaining 15 days.

Of course, this PCT is designed for solo Turinadrol program, at doses not exceeding the recommended. In combined programs, dosages of antiestrogens can be increased several times, as well as the duration of the PCT itself.

Despite the comparative harmlessness of the drug, it is recommended to include hepatoprotectors, testosterone boosters and vitamin complexes in post cycle therapy.

Turinadrol 10 reviews

If you read the comments of people who took Turinadrol 10 from Lyka Labs, we may note many positive reviews about the product and the manufacturer. Quality at the highest level, the drug is working.

Of course, Turinadrol quite tough and potent drug, and a complete lack of side effects is impossible. If the athlete monitors his body, does necessary tests, observes the dosage and competently conducts PCT, it is possible to minimize the negative impact of the drug and fully recover. It is important to be savvy theoretically and make a program, consulting with professional doctors and athletes who are familiar with the topic.

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