Did Olivia Pope get an abortion?

Did Olivia Pope get an abortion?

The episode was written by Mark Wilding and directed by Tom Verica. The episode was notable for featuring a scene in which Olivia Pope has an abortion, a scene which shocked and surprised viewers as her pregnancy was not revealed to the audience until the operation.

Does Olivia Pope end up with the President?

Olivia (Washington): Cleaned up D.C., stood in the sun and was happily her own person. The ending also implied that the path was clear for a romantic relationship with Fitz, free of Bets.

Does Olivia Pope find out her mother is alive?

The season focuses on Fitz’s re-election campaign for his second term, as well as, Olivia’s family problems after her father comes back into her life and she discovers that her mother (believed to be deceased for 20 years) is alive, which leads to Olivia Pope & Associates trying to find Olivia’s mother, Maya Lewis.

Does Olivia run Fitz’s re election?

Olivia returns to the White House to oversee Fitz’s re-election campaign. Rowan vows to bring down Fitz for booting him from B613.

What happens to Olivia Pope’s mom?

Last season’s finale ended with a shocking scene in which Olivia Pope’s murderous dad shoots Olivia Pope’s murderous mom, just before she can shoot the double-crossing vice president!

Who is president after Fitzgerald Grant?

After successfully getting Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) elected and sworn in as the show’s next president of the United States, Olivia finally cracked who was behind Frankie Vargas’ assassination.

Does Fitz get impeached?

Fitz quickly finds out the true cost of mercy when he works to stop the Senate from impeaching him. Despite the current scandal, Fitz surprises Olivia at her apartment and takes her on a date. Mellie, seeing their date goes to the women’s caucus to tell them she is on board to impeach Fitz.

Does the president wake up in scandal?

And as if he sensed it, Fitz woke up from his comatose state, calling Olivia (Kerry Washington) immediately and leaving Mellie in a very precarious position, facing potential treason and terrorism charges for violating the law and completely throwing the Constitution out the window.


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