Steroids for women

When it comes to genetics, nature was not supportive of women in terms of natural muscle relief. Not only is the female metabolism much slower than the men’s, which means that it is easier for women to gain fat and harder to lose it.

Women also have to struggle hard to build muscle. Here are some of the reasons why more and more women are starting to take steroids to help themselves. Below we review a selection of the very best steroids for women as well as the importance of using them safely and effectively.

The optimal steroid for women

It is hard enough for any athlete to decide whether to use steroids or not, what is the best option. For women, however, this is even more difficult, and there are many additional factors to consider, including a range of unique side effects and risks.

For women who choose steroids, there are a lot of good options out there that are considered to be the most safer:

  • Oxandrolone (Anavar). This is the most acceptable for women due to the minimum side effects, good results, which are not long in coming, as well as availability. Therefore, we paid more attention to this steroid, considering it in more detail in the next section.
  • Primobolan (Methenolone). Primobolan for women is as perfect as the Oxandrolone mentioned above. Despite the practical absence of virilization, you should still observe a small dosage and do not take risks. If you still prefer the cycle in injections of Methenolone enanthate, it is better to reduce its duration. Usually women in bodybuilding take an injection of 100 mg for the whole week. But oral Methenolone does not have such recommendations to limit. The dosage is the same as for men.
  • Anadrol (Oxymetholone). Nowadays, this drug is increasingly used in medicine. Anadrol is also considered a good choice for women bodybuilders. In practice, it is proved that at a dose of 100-150 mg, no virilization was observed in women. Despite the relative safety of oxymetholone, do not exceed the recommended dosage.
  • Testosterone propionate. Despite the whole set of side effects, this drug is still wins against nandrolone. Testosterone propionate can, with some reservations, be recommended for use by women. In any case, its use is safer for women than the use of nandrolone. Women are better to dose the injection in the range of 25 to 50 mg, less than once every 4-6 days. If you still have side effects, it is recommended to immediately stop taking and carry out restorative therapy.

Oxandrolone for women

Speaking of the best steroids for women, Anavar (Oxandrolone) is usually the first steroid that comes to mind. Oxandrolone is often referred to as the “female steroid”, so obviously it is very much appreciated among women. Because of this, we would like to select it from the mass of others and to consider in more detail.

Anavar is a highly anabolic steroid that helps to burn fat and build muscle, as well as providing a range of other benefits. It does all this thanks to a component called dehydroepiandrosterone. It is a substance derived from DHT – dihydrotestosterone. DHT is a derivative of testosterone and is actually more potent in many ways in providing transformative effects on the body.

The form of Anavar used by women is most often slightly different from the version used by men. It called “Oxandrolone,” it’s a little less effective – and therefore less dangerous – than other similar steroids.

What’s interesting that Oxandrolone for girls does not bind to androgen receptors and thus does not completely change its own testosterone production. Oxandrolone works almost like a testosterone injection, except it’s a molecule similar to a DHT injection.

Because of the low androgenic features, it is a suitable choice for those who want to increase their strength without gaining much weight. The exact dosage of Oxandrolone cycle for women depends on the goal: weight loss or muscle building. Women usually begin with a dose of 10 mg per day and increase it to 20. Oxandrolone use is usually half to two months. However, it must be remembered that a higher dose, even of the safest steroid, increases the risk of side effects.

Side effects of steroids for girls

We learned about the benefits of using anabolics for women. Now about bad. Due to the vast amount of information on the Internet and the media, it is unlikely to find people who have not heard about at least one side of steroids, especially for women. If you classify the side effects by type, they can be characterized as follows:

Menstrual abnormalities and infertility. The male and female body produce testosterone. In the female body, testosterone is stored in the ovaries and other tissues of the reproductive system.

Because steroids replicate testosterone, their use can cause hormonal changes. As a result, women may experience menstrual abnormalities. The number of periods can decrease, menstrual flow may go lighter or heavier. If a woman stops menstruating, a condition called amenorrhea may indicate infertility – another potential side effect of steroid use.

Virilization is a process that forces a woman to lose aspects of her femininity. Due to the androgenic properties of steroids, women may experience side effects similar to those experienced by men during puberty, such as: deeper voice, increased hair on the body or face. Steroid use may also cause unusual clitoris growth and baldness. Female breast can decrease and some effects such as voice changes can be permanent.

Emotional side. Steroids clearly affect the emotional state of women. Most often there are emotional side effects: sudden mood changes, depression, anxiety, irritability and hostility. Although the emotional side effects of steroids can affect women and men, women can especially clearly experience mood deterioration during menstruation.

Physical effect. In addition to menstrual changes, steroids rarely cause severe acne, water retention or bloating, liver disorders, sexual disorders, and unhealthy cholesterol levels. The use of steroids during pregnancy can negatively affect the development of the fetus.

However, to avoid these side effects, you should take small doses of steroids. And ideally, it is best to take steroids that are not overly androgenic in the first place.

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