GHRP-6: growth hormone stimulator

GHRP-6 or Hexarelin is a peptide containing Hexapeptide, releasing growth hormone. It is a peptide of 28 amino acids. It signaling the pituitary gland about the beginning of growth hormone secretion. GHRP-6 does not possess opioid activity, but you gain momentum in your own GH levels, as well as effects of increased IGF-1 secreted by the liver.

And as you know, the increase of GH and IGF-1 is very desirable for athletes, bodybuilders and those who want to improve their physique. Another advantage of GHRP-6 is that it blocks the hormone somatostatin, which is an enemy of HGH secretion. Also, there is evidence that GHRP-6 peptides can have a positive effect on the nervous system, protecting neurons, providing a person with enhanced overall wellness effect.

Use of GHRP-6

The advantages of GHRP-6 are extremely tempting for athletes of many disciplines, some are described below:

  • GHRP-6 can help protect muscles by enhancing protein recovery and synthesis. Moreover, it has been shown that it effectively combats inflammation.
  • You will notice more endurance. Therefore, training can be continued for a longer time, without fatigue and exhaustion.
  • This drug will help you to increase muscle mass and develop strength.
  • GHRP-6 works great on fat loss, making it a very good option for the cutting period.
  • Improves sleep and immune system.

The positive effect of GHRP-6 is much more pronounced in those who already have a good physical shape. Thus, if you are obese or physically weak, then GHRP-6 is best used in conjunction with other drugs.

If you want to enhance the cutting effect, then add the following peptides:

  • IGF-1 LR3
  • GHRP-2
  • HGH Fragment
  • Ipamorelin

The following peptides in conjunction with GHRP-6 are useful for muscle building:

  • MGF
  • IGF-1 LR3
  • ACE-031
  • Follistatin 344

How to use GHRP-6

GHRP-6 is a water-based injectable solution that you will need to mix with sterile water. Remember that it is important to keep GHRP-6 after mixing in the refrigerator. Usually recommend its use for 3-4 weeks, so do not leave diluted drug for a longer period even in cold environment.

After careful mixing, the drug is usually administered subcutaneously with a syringe. For best results, it should be taken daily. Athletes usually inject several times a day for better absorption. An interesting fact is that GHRP-6 works best when blood sugar is low. Also you don’t have to eat anything for an hour after using it.

If you use GHRP-6 solo, the recommended dose ranges from 100 to 400 mcg per injection, and if it is combined with another GH, the dose should be halved.

GHRP-6 side effects

GHRP-6 has some side effects that are more pronounced when this peptide is abused.

Hunger is increasing. As it known, all GHRPs raise hunger levels, and GHRP-6 manifests itself very clearly in this undesirable effect.

Some athletes in their reviews complain that they wake up at night, or in the morning experiencing severe hunger. It is logical that those who want to increase appetite can appreciate this side effect, but for most athletes it is still not desirable.

Problems with prolactin or estrogenic gynecomastia. Fortunately, this is rare, and it can easily be fixed with Dostinex (Cabergoline). However, those who combine GHRP-6 with anabolic androgenic steroids may be more likely to get gynecomastia.

Dizziness, headaches and other problems with low blood sugar.

Problems after injection. Some athletes complain of nausea or numbness of the skin after injection. But it passes with time.

Swelling. However, it will disappear after you stop using GHRP-6.

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