Oxandrolone (Anavar)

Oxandrolone (Anavar) – anabolic steroid, has a low level of androgenic activity, while has a moderate anabolic effect. This drug was developed in the 1960s for use in the medical field (treatment of burns, anemia, and more), but because of its anabolic properties over time began to be used in sports.

Oxandrolone program

Oxandrolone promotes protein synthesis in the body, which is expressed in a positive nitrogen balance. Anavar enhances the performance. It should be noted that athletes practically do not use Oxandrolone solo for weight gain. This drug (solo program) is most often used by athletes who have a sufficient amount of muscle mass and want to make it in a good shape. Anavar strengthens the muscles: gives firmness and shape to the muscles (which is why it is not advisable to use it for bulking).

Oxandrolone has an anti-catabolic effect: it protects muscles from the damaging effects of cortisol, so the muscles do not lose protein. Also, this drug strengthens bone and cartilage tissue.

It should be noted that Anavar is popular among athletes who do not need to gain weight. It is important for them to increase strength and endurance, while to remain themselves in a certain weight class. Oxandrolone perfectly copes with this task, helping athletes achieve the desired results and set new records.

How to take Oxandrolone

As noted above, the “solo program” of Oxandrolone is not used for bulking, it is advisable to use it for the shaping of muscles. This program should be carried out “ladder”. Start taking this drug with small doses, gradually increasing them, for example: the first week – 20 mg per day, divided into 2 doses (morning and afternoon), the second – 40-60 mg divided into 3 doses (morning, lunch and evening). At the end of the program, some athletes are advised to spend PCT with Tamoxifen (Clomid), in order to decrease the amount of testosterone and return it to the proper level. In order to determine the state of the hormonal system, it is necessary to pass tests.

During the time of the program you should adhere to proper nutrition, eat protein food, and it is also desirable to add in your diet protein, amino acids, BCAAs.

Many athletes take Oxandrolone along with other anabolic drugs, such as Primobolan and testosterones (Testosterone propionate, Testosterone enanthate, cypionate), including a mixture of different testosterone esters (Sustanon, Omnadren).

Oxandrolone side effects

Oxandrolone has a low frequency of side effects, but still periodic manifested such undesirable effects as rising blood pressure, abdominal pain and head, nausea and others.

This drug is not amenable to aromatization, so it does not cause such side effects as fluid retention and gynecomastia. It is also worth noting that the use of Oxandrolone in relatively small dosages (40-50 mg per day) slightly suppresses the level of own testosterone. Suppression of secretion of body’s own testosterone can be observed in cases of use of Anavar in higher dosages (eg: 70-80 mg per day or higher). To eliminate this “sides”, on the program you may be use gonadotropin.

It is worth mentioning that reducing the production of your own testosterone can lead to undesirable effects such as sluggish erection and reduced libido. To eliminate these effects, athletes often make a program of Oxandrolone in conjunction with androgenic drugs.

At the end of the program it is necessary to conduct a PCT, which can include testosterone boosters (eg: Tribulus), zinc and vitamin E. it is desirable to pass tests and their results to decide whether there is a need for the use of tamoxifen or clomid.

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