Post cycle therapy

Post cycle therapy is a summation of actions that imply the use of pharmacological drugs and sports supplements to eliminate/minimize the side effects caused by the use of anabolic steroids. PCT should be performed after all steroid cycles.

The main objectives of post cycle therapy are:

  • prevention of gynecomastia and testicular atrophy;
  • restoration of the natural hormonal background;
  • prevention of the phenomenon of rollback;
  • prevention of other side effects caused by AS (anabolic steroids).

The type of preparations that should be used during PCT depends on the steroid, which is taking, its dosages and the length of the cycle. The peculiarities of your organism and the state of hormonal system should be taken into account.

Do not forget to carry out blood tests to determine the level of hormones (testosterone, estrogen, prolactin, luteinizing hormone, etc.). Such tests should preferably be performed before, during and after the cycle. They will help you determine which medications are preferable to use, as well as their dosage.

There are 3 main components of PCT:

  • Antiestrogens are substances that inhibit the conversion of testosterone into estrogens. They are divided into two groups:
    • estrogen receptor blockers (most popular: Tamoxifen and Clomid) – used within 3-5 weeks after the end of steroid use. These drugs are very important, since their main function is to restore the production of own testosterone in your body. They are taking practically after all cycles;
    • aromatase inhibitors – are used during the cycle of steroids that are flavored to block the conversion of testosterone into estrogens.
  • Chorionic gonadotropin – is used to prevent testicular atrophy, promotes the rapid restoration of the hormonal system. Used for long heavy cycles.
  • Prolactin inhibitors. Suppress the production of prolactin, used for steroid cycles of progestin drugs, such as nandrolone and trenbolone.

Additional useful components on PCT:

  • omega-3;
  • cortisol blockers;
  • testosterone booster;
  • hepatoprotectors;

The above mentioned additional components also help to restore the level of natural testosterone in the body. Attention! Proviron is not the best choice for post cycle therapy, it has no effect on the secretion of its own testosterone. Due to its properties, this drug is more suitable to use during supplementing with anabolic steroids.

Do not forget that PCT do not begins immediately after the end of steroids taking process, but after the moment, when concentration of anabolic substance in the blood decreases. It is necessary to take into account the half-life of the steroid, which depends on both the active substance and the solvent oil (if the drug is injectable). Similarly, the rate of excretion depends on the muscle in which the injection was performed. For example, from the deltoid muscle, anabolic drugs are excreted longer than from the buttock.

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