Steroids: blood test tests before and after the cycle

Both sports professionals and amateurs are aware of the health risks of steroids. But many are so eager to achieve the desired results in the short term, improve performance and endurance, that they immediately forgot all the risks.

There are instances when athletes start taking steroids unconsciously, or under pressure of coaches, but there are those who know the level of responsibility and are trying to be safe. For those who take steroids for any reason, there are a lot of drugs that neutralize the complications and reduce the risk to the health and life of the athlete.

But with no serious attitude to taking strong anabolic steroids, the person may not notice a developing complication. It may on the background of chronic diseases, contraindications to some components or infections before the cycle.

In order to minimize the risks of negative effects, it is necessary to pass blood tests, both before and after the cycle. In addition, it is recommended a more detailed examination of internal organs, for example, by ultrasonography to identify possible pathologies.

What tests to take before the cycle and where?

For a start, you should contact the doctor, or a therapist who will study the card with the history of diseases and pathologies, if you have any. He will make appropriate conclusions and will send you to the tests and examinations. Also, below we will describe the necessary tests that should be passed before the cycle. In any case, before taking steroids, the more tests you pass, the clearer will be the “picture”, and you will be able to protect yourself to the maximum.

If for any reason, you do not want the public clinic doctors to know about your intentions to take steroids, you can contact the laboratory or clinic, which operate on a private basis. The only difference between these two options is the cost. Naturally, in a private laboratory and clinic you have to pay for everything, including consultation.

Blood and urine tests that you need!

Note that all the necessary analyses are listed in the order required for right passing. With three exclamation marks will be exactly the tests that are most important for the athlete. With two exclamation marks – the average value of the analysis, but with one – not mandatory, but still recommended for reinsurance.

Tests on the cycle. Beginning

Tests before the cycle is the most important part. After all, only at this point it is possible to identify all contraindications and draw conclusions on the choice and dosage of the drug, taking into account individual characteristics. The following hormone tests are mandatory for those who have not been examined for more than 3 years:

  • !Common and free testosterone
  • !!Follicle-stimulating hormone
  • !!!Luteinizing hormone
  • !!!Estrogen
  • !Prolactin
  • !!Progesterone
  • !!Cortisol
  • !!Thyroxine

There are also other test you should pass. Consult with doctor to know what.

Rules before passing blood and urine tests

Remember the main rule – do not pass tests after a meal, so as not to decrease the quality of tests. Conduct all of them on an empty stomach. The night before is also desirable for dinner something light, at least 3 hours before bedtime. For example, if you eat glucose, your testosterone level will be lowered. Sexual intercourse should also be performed at least a day before, so as not to distort your real level of prolactin, testosterone, LH and FSH.

It is advisable not to exercise for two days before passing. Especially cardio workouts affect androgen and thyroid hormone levels. Ideally, analyses should be provided by 10 am, no stress, with enough sleep. After all, the stress can also change your real results.

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